Happy New Moon – Oct 4 – Every day is a new day

I love new moons. I feel them as an opportunity to reboot. It’s a chance to take a moment, reflect and say “wait, who am I and what am I creating?”


I believe that our thoughts create our reality and recently this has been a difficult truth for me to face. I gave up coffee about 2 weeks ago because I felt I wanted to change some habits about my life and improve my physical well-being. By removing this habit, I didn’t get the famous caffeine head ache but I did begin to watch an incredible amount of thoughts swirling in my head. Many of these thoughts were not so nice. In fact, they were often quite negative and hard on me, bringing up a lifetime worth of “I suck” thoughts . EWW! Where do these thoughts come from? And how can I change them? Or at least work with them in a way that quiets them down?

This is what a lot of my life work is about. How do I better know myself, watch my thoughts and become who I know I am. What tools work for me and how can I offer these tools to others in service of their journeys? I practice being present and not locking into a reactive cycle influenced by past hurt and old thoughts that are no longer true. This path for me is not always easy and I often hit moments where self-doubt is very present.  I am committed to this journey, however, and so grateful to offer the tools and music that I do in service of myself and others. Both the Rising Star Healing and the CD’s I record are a part of this mission and I am so grateful to be walking forward with grace, knowing that these gifts are unique and I am here to bring them forward the best I can.

Today on this new moon, I woke up with the thought “I am happy and loving and I deserve to be successful”. Truly. It just arose without me thinking about it. that was kind of cool. And again, I wonder, where did that come from? and then I thought, “Thank you, yes that is true” and I felt the positive vibration of it move through my whole being. This is our power. We can choose to listen to and give energy to the thoughts that we want to. And when we are ready, we will realize: we are not our thoughts.

Every day is a new day and thoughts come and go, as does love, money, jobs, and seasons. Our work, our joy, our opportunity is to watch, participate, learn, love, accept what is, laugh, and stay in the moment of whatever experience is calling to us. As the leaves continue to change and fall away, allow yourself to have a sort of falling away. Let this new moon be your own kind of reboot. Breathe deep. Believe in yourself and the gifts you offer. And walk forward in confidence that all is well and you are so valuable to the world just by being you.

Come on out and listen to some music tonight at the Chat House and/or join me on Sunday at Power Yoga in Dennisport for yoga with live music at 4:30.


I am also super excited that Derek O’Neill will be in Boston on October 19 as a part of his US tour “Finding Your Excellence”. One of my goals when I returned to the Cape in 2011 and founded Sounding Still Wellness was to bring Derek to Cape Cod. Boston is pretty damn close. Don’t miss out on this opportunity! LEARN MORE AND REGISTER HERE

It is my joy to share this journey with you! Thank you for tuning in!

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