Alicia is now teaching  weekly meditation class at the YMCA Cape Cod every Wednesday morning at 7:00am. Free for members.

CONTACT  or call 646-345-5484 to book a group meditation series in your space or home or a private session.




mindfulness book


 Derek O’Neill‘s book Mindfulness from the #GetAGrip Series.

Through meditation with Alicia Mathewson you are invited to honor who you are, exactly as you are today. Only when we have awareness of who we are right now can we manifest change in our lives. It is scientifically proven that a clear and focused mind leads to better physical and emotional well-being. Practicing meditation is a simple way to raise our self-awareness and learn to quiet our minds. In these classes, you will be introduced to the practice of meditation in an open, comfortable, fun, and easy way. We will explore the history of various paths of meditation, show you simple tools you can use daily and help empower you to find a practice that works best in your life right now. Some techniques/practices we will explore include mindfulness breathing, japa (or repetition of a mantra), chanting, guided visualization and deep relaxation.

I have been consciously meditating for over 10 years, beginning in 2004. My teachers in meditation have included Joan Borysenko, Amma, Deepak Chopra, Lama Migmar, Deva Premal, Snatum Kaur, & Derek O’Neill.  WHY MEDITATE? Read THIS

What people are saying about Meditation at SSW: 

“Ten  months ago I began my meditation practice again after a long hiatus, and have been deeply amazed and happy with what I have experienced. Initially it helped with my stress level during a  time of great challenge. In doing so, it allowed me the clarity to see that the problem I thought I had was not actually the problem, but a symptom of it! I was then able to take pro-active steps toward healing, and the results have been profound! (yet often subtle in their delivery!) I leave Sounding Still Wellness every week with a lightness of being that can’t be beat!” – JN

“I have been now meditating with Alicia for almost a year. Meditation became a part of my day. I feel so much calmer, see things as challenges and not as problems and I’m able to stop and connect during my busy days. Monday meditation is the best way for me to start the week.” – JB

Alicia Namaste DREAM PYCC

In my mind, there is no wrong way to meditate. There are different tools, however, and coming together in community expands and amplifies that which we are aware of alone. Listen to JAYAJAGATAMBE JAI JAI MA here.

come as you are. be. come and sit. come. be.

be still and know.

You can also try some Downloads of powerful home meditations and teachings from Derek O’Neill

PremaAgni_GoldLowDerek with japa

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