Happy New Moon – Sept 5 – Sweet September


I woke with the sun this morning and it was lovely. This is an easy new moon to tune into, isn’t it? It’s back to school time as summer slowly releases into fall, the Jewish holiday of new year, and living in New England we can really feel this seasonal shift.  It’s as if the whole universe beckons us saying – how are you new? How do you want to be new?

So, how do you want to be new?  What refreshes you? makes you feel innocent and playful like a child? As we grow older, we may stop asking these questions and yet I feel these questions are crucial to our well-being and making time to reflect  on them is so important.

Our development as humans and souls is never-ending, so as you mark your child’s development from grade 3 to 4 or beyond, ask yourself, how are you developing? what is happening in your life and what new hobby, or new habit, or new thought might you allow to emerge?

Change is the only thing that is permanent. I have read this, heard this, and taught this teaching many times. I can tell you, though, what is most powerful is when you actually experience it. A new moon is a wonderful time to open to change – plant new seeds with new clear intentions and watch them unfold.

This process of intentional creativity is always happening and the good news is there is a new moon every month, so we can practice, practice practice.

Join us this Saturday for a wonderful workshop at Sounding Still about getting REAL in your relationships or every Monday for meditation. I am also scheduling private voice and guitar lessons on Monday and Wed from 3-7 for children and adults

Together, we can be still and create the world we truly desire. LISTEN to my song Sweet September.


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