Happy New Moon – Landing in Love

DSC09589-EditApril 5. New Moon. Wow. I don’t know about you, but 2019 has been extraordinarily expansive and moving very very fast.

I am truly grateful in this moment right now for all that I am allowing to shift and open in my life.

In March, I traveled to Dreamland Recording Studios and recorded most of what you will all be able to hear on my 5th album 12 Rebirth. It is a deep, playful, transformative, joyful sharing of some of the best songs I’ve written with some of the best musicians helping me.

I can’t wait to release it to the world!

And, with that process of manifestation and releasing it to the world, comes the practice of patience and listening and learning and more patience. What a gift!

Today on this new moon, I open to full infinite embodiment. What does that mean? Check out the extraordinary work of my friend Vivienne Gerard.

I have many many exciting events coming up. I encourage you to join me on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,)  and over at Alicia Mathewson.com to keep up with all that is happening. Thank you to all of those who are supporting this new record and the creation of Queen City Records.

May All Beings in All the Worlds Be Happy and Free.

me and VIv at DL on Sunday night

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