July 16 – How did that happen?

Wow. Here we are in MID SUMMER. We are a week from that super powerful full moon on July 9 and heading into an equally powerful NEW MOON on July 23. I usually blog on a new or full moon, so it is sort of fun and different to blog right smack dab in the middle.



It is a time right now for CHANGE, for trying things in a new way, for breaking out of old patterns and old ways of thinking or believing. Have you been searching or longing for something new – either inside of yourself or in your actual outer life? Follow this desire. Follow this impulse. The energies of our time and this moment have never been more supportive for you to let go of the old and allow the new to manifest with grace and ease.

I have had a busy and beautiful last month, beginning with an incredible week in Ireland with Derek O’Neill and friends. I can feel there is much expansion coming for me and Sounding Still Wellness and I am so grateful for all of you here who tune in and share in the evolving energy, music and meditation.

If you are local on Cape Cod, be sure to take advantage of the many opportunities to sit in meditation with me: Saturday mornings 8:15 at Ocean Edge, Wed mornings 7am at the YMCA and the next couple Monday nights 7pm at Sounding Still Wellness. I am also available for Rising Star and Prema Birthing Energy Therapy Sessions.

No matter where you are on your journey as a soul and human, there are many tools to support and inspire you. Seek them out NOW, here or wherever resonates for you. Know that you are deeply loved and have a unique vibration that is needed right now by all of Humanity.

Premapranhuti yantra card

love love love