Music Lessons

IMG_4622Voice, Guitar & Ukelele Lessons with Alicia Mathewson
$30/half hour

Whether you are just starting out at age 7 or want to reawaken your voice and creative self at 57, These lessons are for YOU!

Open Mon-Sat by Appointment. 
CALL 646-345-5484


Alicia’s style is fun, creative, and informed by over 20 years of teaching music in all sorts of settings.

What people are saying:

“My wife and I wanted our children to have more opportunities to play musical instruments than their schools were able to provide. At the time, our 10-year old daughter had some experience playing percussion and stringed-instruments, but our 7-year old son had almost no experience playing any instruments. By the end of their first session with Alicia, my wife and I wondered why we had waited so long to bring more music into our children’s lives. Alicia has the remarkable ability to work with students of all ages and abilities. But, more importantly, she has a way of making music fun for everyone, and helping others develop the skills to achieve their musical potential.” – Brian Mannal

“Since taking lessons with Alicia, I have learned to open up my voice and she has encouraged me to grow in my confidence in singing. I appreciate her energy that she brings into our lessons and I love the vocal sounding warm-ups that help me warm up my voice and feel centered.” – Sara Kemp

Call now and be in the JOY of making music! 646-345-5484

Watch some HAPPY Fun

Chanting with Jay

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