Happy New Moon in Leo – August 6, 2013


This is a picture of some amazing weather I witnessed in Ptown on Sunday. 

(Provincetown August 4, 2013)

We are living in extraordinary times of change and transformation and nature reflects this. After this squall was the most magnificent rainbow. If we can remember that rainbows come from squalls and squalls follow sun and it’s all the same, our lives begin to balance out and feel more peaceful and joyful.

Today is a new moon –  perfect energy to plant the seeds of peace, balance, joy & abundance. Focus on that which you want to create in your life and watch as it begins to unfold.

Sounding Still Wellness offers many tools to help cultivate this way of being. You can join us and Deepak Chopra right now on a 21 day meditation challenge. It’s a great way to start meditating and it’s FREE.

chopra med pic

 Join us next Monday at SSW and open to miraculous living.

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