Full Moon Monday – July 22, 2013


I don’t know about you, but the last few weeks for me on planet earth were a little more challenging than usual. The gift of this, however, is I was given the opportunity to truly apply the many spiritual teachings I have awakened to at a whole new level.

This is the point people. if we don’t have allow ourselves to fully have experiences whether they be tagged “good” or “bad” we can’t discover from deep within what is true to us.

Today is a full moon in Aquarius and an opportunity to release all that no longer serves you and remember that nothing is here to hurt us; everything is here to enlighten us. Join me tonight at Sounding Still Wellness for Meditation at 7:30 or On this Friday night July 26 for Embrace Your Space with Ray Rolando.  Both evenings will be an opportunity to be still and open to the peace and truth that lies within you.

Also our first ever yoga and music camp for kids age 9-12 starts next Monday. we still have  few spots left, so contact us ASAP to REGISTER.

Enjoy this fabulous video and song. it makes me smile:

love love love, Alicia

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