New Moon in Aries – Being Still and Going Forward

IMG_5376For much of my life, I have been a doer. I was good at sports, good at music, good at school. I could do what needed to be done and prove to the world that I was worthy – A good and productive citizen. Recently this doing has left me feeling rather empty. Over the last 10 years or so I have been practicing the art of Being through meditation, contemplation, yoga, energy healing, singing and serving others. The funny thing is all that time I really thought I was being (and believe me, there were incredible moments where that was true), in fact, there were parts of me that were still driven by “doing”.

As I realize and face this new truth, I am learning again, that unconscious motivation will always catch up to you and though it can be immediately alarming, will lead you deeper into who you truly are and how best you can serve others.

On this new moon, I encourage you to take time to be still and tune into your true self and what it has to say to you. Take the time to love yourself exactly where you are with total joy and compassion and trust that as you go forward you are in balance with what your highest self wants for you.

Alicia and fugan at guyerJoin me tonight at Eric Clark Wellness in Harwichport for chanting in this new moon 6pm

And at the Guyer Art Barn in Hyannis on Saturday 7pm with Fugan for more songs and chants and community.

love love love


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