Happy New Moon – Create Self Love

March 8 – New Moon in Pieces, as well as a solar eclipse. Lots of energy moving.

I myself am moving through another transition in which I can feel much is changing, but am not totally sure what’s next. It is not always the most comfortable place to be and it is times like these when I am so grateful I have the tools of meditation, yoga, walking and chanting to bring me back into the love and peace of my own heart.

bleeding heartsWe are all here to awaken to who we truly are and be in service of others and sometimes that path seems easier or clearer than others. Just because the path may feel hard or unclear, doesn’t mean we’ve done anything wrong or are not worthy of love.

When I notice I am being hard on myself internally, I now see that as an opportunity to love myself more. “Oh look at that self-critic”, I must need to take a deep breath and remind myself I am exactly where I am supposed to be and I am deeply loved. It may sound hokey or too new agey for you, but I have learned, when we can have the courage to really feel what is going on and still love ourselves through it, miraculous shifts in our lives can take place.

And so on this new moon and as we head into the Spring season, I wish for you deep radical Self acceptance and love. May this self love steer you forward into more fun, play, love and connection. If you feel like you are in an unclear or stuck spot on your journey I highly recommend a Rising Star Healing Session. It will support you and bring you into a more loving and accepting place, so that you can move forward with clarity, joy and empowerment. I have some gigs coming up and opportunities to chant with me. Check it out.

March 12 – Guyer Barn, Hyannis 7pm

March 23 – Chanting/Meditation workshop. Dennisport – Eric Clark Wellness 6pm

March 24 – yoga/chanting workshop with Kristen O’Toole InnerGlow, Mashpee 6pm



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