Full Moons, Fathers, & Rainbow Flags


It’s June, the sun is shining and SUMMER is truly here! Tonight I am grateful to be singing for some Full Moon Yoga at West Dennis Beach at 7:30 raising the collective vibration of myself and my community. We will also be there on July 19 and Aug 18.


IMG_6355As I type this my rainbow flag is flying outside my home, a celebration and reminder of the many lives lost in Orlando and throughout history. Last June my father flew this very flag outside his home on the occasion of my wedding shower. That’s a pretty cool Dad.

Not everybody has a cool Dad and even cool Dads can sometimes carry old ideas of gender and sexuality and religion and how the world should be.

This June I invite you to explore the “DAD” in you. How have you internalized what father means, what father represents? How have your ideas of men or male energy been shaped by your relationship to your father or yourself as a father?

I truly believe that all change and all peace must include  personal change and personal peace. So if you are feeling overwhelmed by the “Crazy World” our there, I invite you to go inside and give yourself the gift of changing what you can: YOU.

If you feel like you don’t know where to begin or would like a little guidance and/or community, please check out my Upcoming Events, join us on a Monday Night for Meditation or Book a Rising Star Therapy Session.

Samastah Lokah Sukhino Bevhantu – May All Beings in All The Worlds Be Happy

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