Happy New Moon with LOVE from Creacon Lodge Ireland

IMG_5944I am posting from the cafe of Creacon Lodge in New Ross, Wexcord County Ireland. I have just completed a 3-day juice cleanse and I am feeling incredibly clear and grateful. Perfect timing for me as today is a new moon. what a wonderful time to release all that no longer serves me and be brought to what Derek O’Neill calls a Zero Point.

I was always quite afraid to do any kind of cleanse. I feared my attachment to food, both mentally and physically would cause distess and pain and it just didn’t feel worth it to me. However, in the incredibly nourishing space of Creacon, it felt absolutely right to do and, in fact, it was quite easy and mostly pleasurable. On the second day you are invited into a day of silence, so that you might process any feelings or thoughts coming up as a result of the cleanse. This also includes unplugging from all technology. In honesty, I love being silent, but unplugging from technology was more difficult than I imagined. This awareness was just one of many from this experience.IMG_5945

The juice cleanse may on the surface present as only about your relationship to food or a weight-loss tool, but in fact, it is much deeper and really helps you become mindful of your relationship to so much else.

I couldn’t be more grateful for this opportunity and time of self-reflection and care and I so look forward to returning to Cape Cod – even with all that snow – to serve and sing and laugh our way into Spring. Monday Meditation is back on Feb 23 at 7:30. I so look forward to sharing the love and wisdom. I am also doing another Meditation 101 series in March – 4 Saturdays beginning March 7 from 9am-10am. We will explore different tools of meditation including mindfulness, mantra, chanting and use of seed sounds throughout the chakras. All are welcome regardless of experience.

Set your intentions today with gentleness, clarity and faith. All is unfolding perfectly.

IMG_5935love love love

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