Happy New Moon Monday – July 9, 2013

Happy New Moon Monday!!

(Newgrange in Ireland June 2013)

I don’t know about you but I can already feel the summer months whipping by. wow! Though summer is fabulous in many ways it can also bring challenges – heat, heat, heat  –  lots of visitors, getting off your schedule, feeling overwhelmed in general. If you feel you need a personal check-in or just an “hour of peace,” please join me at Sounding Still Wellness on Monday evenings at 7:30 for meditation. (TONIGHT!)

What is meditation you might ask? It is the practice of sitting still and breathing. Sounds easy right? It is! What is nice about coming into community is that our collective breath and stillness creates more peace for all that join. When we meditate at Sounding Still Wellness we are in service of our own well-being and are also in service of all those close to us including all of Cape Cod and the world.  Please EMAIL or call if you have any questions about meditation or the other offerings at Sounding Still.

I’ve recently added lots of new guitar and voice students and still have a few openings, so please contact me before the summer is out and get you or your child making music and being happy! 646-345-5484

Kids Music & Yoga Camp.Register now for weeks 2 or 3 or both. July 29-Aug 9.  Runs Monday,Wed, Friday 1-3 for ages 9-12 with Kristen O’Toole. Don’t wait to register!

DOWNLOAD registration form now or call 646-345-5484

Looking to feel happier, empowered and more relaxed? book a RISING STAR!

EMAIL today to book a session.

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