Grace, Gratitude, Almost 43 and Fabulous

Still 12Three years ago I was just finishing up my 40 and fabulous campaign on YOUTUBE. I decided to chant 40 chants in 40 days leading up to my 40th birthday. And it was all to raise awareness and moneys for SQ Foundation. I had no idea where that was all going to lead, I just felt compelled to do it.

The last three years have been incredibly rich – ups, downs, in betweens, over theres, under heres, way up highs. what a gift it has all been, as each day I practice more and more being in the this moment right now and accepting all that is.IMG_5293

Last weekend at LOVE YOGA FEST right in Hyannis I was overwhelmed at what a community that chooses to be aware and individuals who are devoted to their path can create.IMG_5298






THANK YOU to all who brought their energy, love, sounds, practice, creativity, and sweat and tears to this event. I couldn’t feel happier to have been a part of it or experienced it. Stay Tuned, as this event will only grow.

IMG_5316I will be chilling for next week at the beach and look forward to reconnecting with all on Monday Aug 25 for meditation at 7:30, as well as rising stars and music lessons.

A new campaign in honor of LINDA O’NEILL is under way, so feel free to tune into the chants again and donate to the Foundation.   And Don’t miss Derek O’Neill in Boston on November 9 for an incredible workshop called WALKING WITH EMPOWERMENT. It includes a Japa Meditation Initiation and blessed mall beads.

Om Sri Lakshmi


Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy

Love love love