Full Moon Beach Yoga – Our Breath is our Power

full moon yoga 6.18So, the world is a little wacky. You can’t deny it. Join me TONIGHT on West Dennis Beach TONIGHT on West Dennis Beach for some Collective PEACE MAKING.

And at the same time, I feel people are waking up to the five human values of love, peace, truth, right-conduct and non-violence. How can that be? Well, when we see this kind of polarization and intense violence it usually indicates HUGE TRANSFORMATION. How you choose to experience these events is up to you.

Anger is powerful and best used through loving action that creates REAL CHANGE.

Why not donate time or money to a charity you trust and believe rather than post on social networks?

Why not spend time with a  child in need right in your own backyard instead of fretting about communities around the world in ways that drain your energy?

Why not speak more peacefully to your own partner or children and feel the connection that has to world communities?

Peace begins within. This is the Highest Truth.

Look inside and LOVE YOURSELF. LOVE every part of you that is out of balance and angry and upset and frustrated and violent. THIS IS YOUR GREATEST GIFT TO OUR WORLD.

If you re going through something personal like a recent loss, anxiety, depression or just an overall sense of WTF? come to meditation, call me, book a Rising Star, do some yoga, walk on the beach. whatever you need. This is the TIME TO TAKE CARE OF YOU.

love love love