Happy New Moon – The power of balance

Here we are just a few days before the beginning of March and if you’re a Cape Codder, you can feel we have “made it through” the peak of the winter and spring/summer fun is just around the corner. I must admit walking to the beach yesterday in a t-shirt (It was 63 degrees!) made me want to jump right in that amazing ocean.

If you are a human being and are paying attention, you are aware of the vast array of emotions you are capable of feeling (many in the same hour): fear, gratitude, anger, confusion, sadness, empowerment (is that really an emotion?), relief, motivation, more fear, gratitude again. I first became an activist when I was 19 and a student at Middlebury College in Vermont. I am so grateful for the experience I had in 1991 – a true awakening where I learned about white privilege, sexism, classism and the more truthful history of my country, most profoundly inspired by the life and writings of Audre Lorde. (More on this later – thinking of actually writing a whole book or a musical (yikes!!)).


25 years later, It is an amazing to see the rise in political awareness and activism in our country and I continue to participate AND meditate. If these first two months of 2017 have taught me anything, it’s how important BALANCE is. These times and every moment demand balance – both internally and externally.

But enough about the outer world, let’s get back to may own little inner world and the practice of balance, because isn’t that all I really know anything (and probably less than I think) about…..

I just read the weekly horoscope for Virgo from The Cosmic Path and it gave me this wonderful aha moment. It talked about how I am both creative and hardworking but that those two energies are polarized because creativity requires freedom and hard work requires focus. Wow, if that sentence doesn’t perfectly describe the inner polarization I feel as a classroom music teacher, I don’t know what does. Not to mention the inner polarization of being a freelance singer/healer who also owns a business and pays the bills.

And so, how do I feel free and creative, while also being focused and hardworking and what belief systems am I caught in that are keeping me from rising above this polarization of seeing them “at odds”? How can they work together and invite me into a state of trust and flow?  Isn’t this the lifelong journey?

Could it not be a gift, then, to be witnessing the incredible external polarization in our world right now? Is it not a reminder that it is my own thoughts and belief systems that is creating this external world?

Who knows the answer, however, my truth right now is that questions are the way forward, not answers. This is what I believe as an educator, a creative artist and a human being. Questions keep us alive, keep us reaching, keep us discovering new awarenesses. If you think you know the right way, you might be wrong. At the same time,  take comfort in the balanced truth, that sometimes things do FEEL right and you can trust that.

Above all, I am incredibly grateful. I am grateful for the community I live in, the love and support I have from family and friends, the new experiences I am having as a teacher at Cape Cod Academy, and the expansive and diverse experiences I have had in my life through education, travel, and spiritual practice. May this new moon and the Spirit of all that is continue to guide me in service of love, truth, peace, right-conduct & non-violence.

I am always in service to you through the Rising Star Energy Therapy  sessions in my office in Barnstable Village or as a long distance sessions and I would love to come sing/chant in your community.  You can also always tune in to any of my music. Don’t hesitate to reach out. Now is the time to connect, breath, chant, play, love, act, create & always, always seek BALANCE.

love love love


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