Why meditation matters more than ever

035-aliciaI have been consciously meditating for over a decade. I started meditating because I had experienced depression and anxiety for the first time. I was living in Brooklyn, NY, I was 33 and everything I thought I had been building in my life – a meaningful and successful career, a loving relationship, a sense of connection seemed to be disappearing.

That meditation practice has served me incredibly well through many ups and downs, including the passing of my mother.

We are living in times right now where things are changing very fast, there is a lot of unknown and polarization appears to be growing in our own communities and country. How does meditation help?

Meditation or a mindfulness practice allows you to turn off external input and go inside, noticing your own breath and body. This process of going inside is crucial. There are many free opportunities on the internet to try it out and I highly recommend the meditations from Deepak Chopra. I also recommend the book Mindfulness from Derek O’Neill.

If you would like to experience a community of meditators for the first time in an open and informal way please join me at the YMCA of Cape Cod every Wednesday morning at 7am or at Sounding Still Wellness on Monday Feb. 6 at 7pm.

I am also available for one-on-one sessions or Rising Star Energy Therapy Sessions. Keep breathing and trust in trust!

love love love



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