Rainbows in clouds – Legacy of Maya & Mary

IMG_4584Wow, what a weekend. It’s a gorgeous Monday morning here on Cape Cod, June 2, and my Heart is full. I sang for a memorial service on Saturday in Brewster for Mary Bosley, a wonderful woman who touched so many throughout her life. She was my mom’s colleague and friend and I was blessed to know her. The opportunity to share May I Be at Peace, as a part of her service was such a privilege and sacred healing for me. May her Spirit continue to rise and smile and be IMPISH in service of all (loved that Anny).

Then on to Sunday: A full day yesterday at Vivapalooza in Hyannis – an IMG_3576empowering gathering of wellness and health awareness  professionals on Cape Cod. Thank you to Julie and all at Emerald Physicians for the 5th annual event. It was better than ever and I am grateful to be part of a growing and vibrant community of conscious fun beings on Cape Cod.

IMG_4727After some yummy food on Main St Hyannis, sitting outside, I watched a perfect sunset at Millway.




Finally at home, on the couch, I turned on OWN (thank you Oprah) and proceeded to watch show after show highlighting Maya Angelou.

WOW.maya angelou1

I knew Maya was extraordinary, but somehow her deep, wise, teachings – the very living of her life – overwhelmed me.




My spiritual family SQ Wellness is gathering right now together in Ireland and I can feel their love and expansion as I type. One of Maya’s many teachings was always seeing the rainbows in your clouds and becoming your best self so you can be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud. Thank you to Derek O’Neil and Linda and the whole family for being a constant rainbow in so many other people’s clouds. I am so grateful to support SQ Foundation and continue to be the best rainbow I can be in the darkest of clouds.


Happy June. Happy Summer.

As Mary would say, Blessed Be.


love love love


One thought on “Rainbows in clouds – Legacy of Maya & Mary

  1. I’m so thankful for the joyful rainbow you are in my sky and so many others – the happy Buddha :).
    P.S., I finally started watching OWN – why has it taken me so long?!! Just watched the newest on Happiness – Maya series next!

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