Happy New Moon Friday – Mother Love Abounds!


Greetings From Beautiful sunny Cape Cod! This picture with Mother Mary was taken at Ananda – a magical community and retreat center in Nevada City, CA where I was so blessed to share a weekend retreat with my Friend Andrea Spacek and a group of fabulous women. Mother LOVE Abounded!!

And so here I am back on Cape Cod still riding the wave. Om Sri Lakshmi!

Having lost my mother from the planet almost 6 years ago, I can tell you that mother love abounds. Whether your mother is with you, drives you crazy, is your best friend, or never really knew you: Mother love abounds!

It is the Divine Mother within all of us that I now celebrate on mothers day. As I honor my sisters and cousins and friends who have all moved from daughter to mother, I honor their service and sense of humor and tenacity as I watch them navigate the waters of modern motherhood.

I honor my grandmother and all grandmothers for so many breaths and stories and songs and afghans and teachings that I carry with in me.


But most of all, I honor myself. Though I have yet to actually mother a child of my own I hold the mother energy for myself and all beings. An energy that says I love you exactly as you are. It says here, have some of this food I made for you – the food of love, peace, truth, right-conduct, & non-violence. May this food, this deep abiding mother love, fill you with joy, comfort, peace, & lots of laughter!

Have a beautiful weekend and new moon. Plant seeds with consciousness!  If you are a mother yourself, give yourself a gift and book a Rising Star with me or come to my meditation on monday nights for 10% off in May. Happy and healthy mothers create a happy and healthy world!

To learn more about the incredible worm hole of eclipse and cosmic astrology we are in the middle of and the power of this new moon, I encourage you to visit The Cosmic Path. Stephanie Azaria has channeled a number of incredibly powerful recordings. Thank you Steph!

Be happy! Be you!
love love love


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