Solstice is here – DEC 21 (Again) NEW MOON Planting seeds with our song

Ah. Winter Solstice again. I love Dec 21. I know some would rather there me more external light, but I truly love this time of year. It allows me to go deep within and be very quiet. It’s not always easy. In fact, I remember last year, I was actually experiencing a lot of grief and it was quite difficult. This year, I feel much more joyous and I am grateful for it all. Isn’t that how life is? – up, down, up, down, up again.Through this mysterious roller coaster ride of being human, music is always there. Music and singing and community is what sustains me through it all.

Alicia Namaste DREAM PYCCIt has been my honor and joy to serve many people over the last year through my work at Sounding Still Wellness from age 2 weeks to 105. I make music with children and families through Meryl’s Music & Music Together, I teach private music lessons to all ages, I sing for memorial services and yoga classes and I hold musical space as beautiful beings are taking there last breaths.

I also offered my song to help raise awareness and money for a number of local and global non-profits: WE CAN, Yoga Reaches Out NE, Dream Day Cape Cod, & SQ FoundationHELP us reach our $500 goal byJan 15 to support ONE CHILD in India.

It truly is a gift to be musical and to offer that musical expression in service of all of Humanity. 3 years ago on a new moon, I asked that I become more and more in service to myself and humanity through the gift of song. It hasn’t always been easy, but it has been miraculous. Careful what you wish for, as they say.

2015 is going to be truly expansive for all of us and I so look forward to heading in to the recording studio and coming out with a brand new offering of sacred songs and chants to help sustain us all. IF you don’t yet have my albums, DOWNLOAD or buy here. Every purchase of a CD helps me continue the work I do.

Join me tonight LIVE for my 4th annual solstice concert at St. Mary’s Church Parish Hall in Barnstable Village. Fugan Dinnen, who just became an official DR. of Music will be there creating a special vibe with percussion. 7:30.

fugan and I at YRO 2014

Whether you are in the joy or in the grief or somewhere in between – music will always speak to your heart! See you there. love love love!