Walking with Empowerment – Derek O’Neill, Integration, and Why Monday meditation

Ah. Monday. I love mondays. They are so grounding for me. I get my coffee, I look at my week. I create some kind of order inside my system creating the feeling of “I’ve got this.” Perhaps it’s the Virgo in me, but I love looking at my week ahead and making sure I am ready for all that is coming.

It’s funny isn’t? This little game I play with myself like I actually can control what’s coming. We can’t. We can however practice breathing, practice listening, practice loving ourselves and others, and practice BEING PRESENT.

Derek with japaOn a recent tour with Derek O’Neill called Walking with Empowerment he proposed that all children only needed to learn 3 things: Concentration, Meditation, and Detachment. And if children truly learned these three things we wouldn’t need schools anymore. A bold statement, to say the least. A part of me truly agrees. So what is concentration, meditation and detachment? Well, I have been hanging around Derek and lots of other spiritual teachers and wise mentors for over a decade and I am still on a journey to define those three words for myself. I will tell you when I am able to concentrate, meditate and detach, my desires manifest more easily, my heart is more soft and open, and my body is more healthy and strong. This well-being allows me to be in better service of myself and others, which ultimately leads to happiness. Isn’t that what we all want? To be happy.

On a side note:song of the new earth pic I had some crazy dreams last night where I was taken in some sort of workshop/hot air ballon/spaceship with Tom Kenyon. (if you haven’t watched his film yet – please do SONG OF THE NEW EARTH). At the end of our experience I said, “I feel different. How will I relate to the others who weren’t here”. This is often how I feel after spending time with Derek O’Neill or in deep meditation with myself. Something happens to my consciousness that takes time to integrate. It takes time – me taking time, going inside, walking, contemplating – before I can fully bring what I experience into wisdom. This journey of integration has become one of my greatest joys.

And so here I am again. Monday. And I am so grateful that 2 years ago I made a commitment to myself and to my community to hold a weekly Monday night meditation at Sounding Still Wellness in Barnstable Village. I knew I wanted to practice breathing, listening & loving and I knew I needed help – a community – a discipline – a commitment to every monday. Please join me and others TONIGHT and any Monday for meditation and begin or continue to Walk With Empowerment.

Alicia HS 2014