Happy Full Moon – How to Be The Light even when it’s hard

wow. 2016. what a year.

Every single day since Nov. 1, I have thought to write a blog. So many different titles came to me, here are a few:

  1. Hillary: what I have learned about myself and feminism over the last 40 years
  2. Trump: thank you for showing us who we are
  3. Greed: the real reason America is exactly where it is
  4. Creativity: I see it everywhere and it keeps expanding
  5. Music: Thank god for you and you are my job
  6. Life is short, how are you living it?

None got written, but maybe some day…….

What I do want to share, however, is how dark life can get sometimes inside your own being especially around the holidays. I’ve been there and I know. What I also want to share is that with the right help & focus, you and your world,  can take a quantum leap into more peace, balance & happiness.

This is not something I have just read about in a book or been told about by a poet, priest, teacher, or therapist. This is something I have actually experienced in my own life. More than once.

This time last year I was coming up on a very difficult time – not because anything was happening outside of my life, but because after 10 years of spiritual practice and grieving the death of my mother (and my whole life really), I was faced with the deepest and stickiest stuff in me that I had not yet dealt with. It manifested into anxiety and depression and an overall desire to give up. The specifics don’t really matter, because I believe we all have moments like this, and though my suffering was very real to me, (suffering is suffering), the point is not what creates the suffering, but rather how to acknowledge it, accept it and allow it to change.

So whats the solution? Or what is the best choice if you find yourself stuck in suffering – yours or someone elses? Well, I can tell you, you may not like the answer. I certainly didn’t when I was in it, but I believe it is true.

Get Still (also known as SLOW DOWN). Listen within (that means to yourself not everyone else). Trust what you hear. Take action. Ask for help if you need it.

Get Still again. Listen more. Keep trusting. Take more action.

Sooner or later you are in a new place, one that is true to you and leads to long-lasting empowerment. Sounds simple I know, but it really does work.

fear-bookWhat you may run into is fear (lots and lots of fear), because most humans don’t like change and we don’t like to open ourselves to the unknown. This is exactly what we are called to do. NOW more than ever.  These Get A Grip books by Derek O’Neill really help. you can buy or download them.

So, as I wish you a happy rest of December and 2016, I invite you to: Get Still. Listen. Trust what you hear. Take action. Ask for help if you need it. Get Still Again. Wash and repeat.

My Music is a great help toward this, as well 😉

Thank you so much to all who support me here at Sounding Still Wellness on Cape Cod and all over the world. My commitment to you and to myself is to keep singing, teaching & loving as long as I have my breath. (even when it feels hard!)



You can listen to and buy the new CD Here #BeTheLight

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