New Moon & Chant 4 Change on Oct 8

chant-4-change-2Here we are again for a new moon. What a gift to still be breathing, still be singing, and still be well and abundant enough to take a spontaneous trip to Washington DC on Oct 8 and be a part of one of the most historic & healing events in my lifetime.

The last time I was in DC was January of 2001 to protest the inauguration of George W. Bush. Yes, you read that correctly. It was pre 9/11 and none of us could even imagine what the next 16 years on planet earth would be like.

One of the positive things that has happened out of what feels like so much tragedy and human suffering is the growing movement of loving people making music all over this world.

On October 8 there is an event called #Chant4Change. If you can be there – BE THERE If you can Donate, Donate

Sweet Honey in the Rock will be there, which to me grounds the event in 50 years of social activism, antiracism, AMAZING MUSIC, and feminist thinking.

MC YOGI will be there which brings in the modern movement of yoga, music and getting “Off The Mat”

David Newman/Durga Das will be there, bringing in the powerful lineage of Krishna Das.

Tina Malia will be there, who just happens to be one of my all time favorite songwriters and performers.

This event feels like it was literally created for me – inviting me to marry my activist self with my spiritual self. What an opportunity! Thank you Universe. Thank you people who work on behalf of the universe.

Thank you to music, the never ending vibration that connects all, heals all, and awakens all.  JAI JAI MA!!


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