Happy March. Happy New Moon. Happy new YOU!

Whew!! It’s been a wide ride, has it not?

sunrise on new moon - Perfect Balance - 3.1.14
Sunrise on New Moon – Perfect Balance – 3.1.14

I feel like I have just undergone a deep inner transformation. Not that much in my outer world has changed and yet I feel completely NEW. For me the journey began way back in September, however it certainly culminated and quantam leaped from Dec 21, 2013 until now. I am not sure I can articulate exactly what happened except that much was purified out of my system so that I could remember who I am and be in better and lighter service.

Today is a new moon. And I remember in January hearing a little voice in my head say, “just make it to March”. Now this could be because I am a true New Englander and “making it to March” is what we the collective consciousness is often doing, but it felt energetic to me.

And I can tell you now: this morning, with the new moon in full presence and March 1, that little voice was right on. If you want more insight on theses energies, I really enjoyed this article by Jon Waldrup on The Cosmic Path.

So what new is birthing? a deep belief within that the work I am doing matters and is exactly what I am supposed to be doing. Alleluia! This is leading to a new CD chanting project, more sessions at the office, and overall more fun doing what I love.

So enjoy this new moon and create with consciousness and joy! Come to Monday Night meditation and feel the new energy or book a Rising Star or Music lesson. It’s an amazing time to be alive. Thank you for being here walking the path with me. Also check out some my upcoming live music gigs here.

love love love


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