Top 10 Experiences of 2013

1. January – Open space for Sounding Still Wellness in Barnstable Village. Still there.








2. February – Trip to NYC with Kristen to play with Derek


3. March – Singing in Phoenix


4. April – Yoga Reaches Out. Singing May I Be At Peace to the largest audience yet.

A at YRO

5. May – Yoga and chanting retreat at Ananda in California with Andrea


6. June – Ireland with SQ Wellness, Newgrange,


7. July – Lyme’s Disease. Applying all I’ve learned and taught to trust the journey and heal myself


8. July & Aug Yoga and Music Camp for kids!


9.  August – Fabulous songwriting retreat in Maine on my 42nd birthday


10 – Nov.  – Seeing India Arie LIVE for the first time and meeting her


Special thanks to all my clients and the Monday Meditation Group. So much Transformation this year for us all! It is my honor to know you and serve myself through serving you.


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for all in 2013. Bring it on 2014!!

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