Day 7 of Kickstarter – I am grateful for….

It is day 7 of 21 days of gratitude holding space for Alicia Mathewson‘s kickstarter campaign. She is releasing a new record called 12 Rebirth and also laying the foundation for Queen City Records, a new company and platform that will help share her music and support other artists to become vibrations of love, peace, truth right conduct and non-violence

Check out all the days and all the gratitude and THANK YOU for tuning in.

01 Pic

Alicia Spent most of her early life living on Cape Cod and near the ocean. She has visited many other oceans since. One of her songs on the new album is called I am the Ocean. Watch her Kickstarter video that begins with this song and consider becoming a backer for as little as $11.



02 Pic


This was the inside cover of Alicia’s 2012 album Isn’t it Amazing? That symbol is called the Prema


One of the rewards is called Rise That Star and includes 3 rising star sessions with Alicia plus a signed CD. Go for it! Choose a reward!


03 Pic


This picture was taken at Creacon Wellness Retreat in New Ross, Wexford, Ireland. It was 2007, just weeks after my mom passed and I was blessed to have my first week long workshop with Derek O’Neill.

I will be back here on this exact stage for Summer Solstice this year leading a retreat and performing a concert. Learn more here


04 Pic

This picture was taken in 2006 when I was on a pilgrimage in Egypt with a group of wonderful people. It was an amazing trip and I am still integrating all I experienced there. This was taken in a coptic monastery. If you are interested in meditation, you might enjoy the $44 All heart reward which includes a meditation for opening the heart. Learn more about Alicia’s teaching of meditation here.


05 Pic draft

This was me pointing the way to my college graduation party in New Haven, VT. I graduated from Middlebury College in 1992. I then went on to get a MA from Smith and an MFA from NYU’s Tisch Graduate school of musical theater writing. That’s way too many degrees. Sometimes I think I might have one more in me……we’ll see. I am blessed to have learned with so many teachers and students at a variety of schools. I currently teach at Cape Cod Academy.


06 Pic draft 2So many women have inspired me and supported me throughout my life. My passion for empowering and supporting other women is also a big part of why I make music. In this moment I want to thank Women OF Substance Radio founded by Bree Noble and the Female Musician Academy that has been a huge support one rhe last 4 years, as well as the community of Feminine Power, which I recently joined. We are here to support each other and I am so grateful to be a woman right now on this planet surrounded by so many other beautiful powerful women.

07 Pic draft

And so I follow up with Men. Right now is all about balance, honoring the masculine and feminine energies in all of us, allowing all of us to be balanced and be loved. Many men have supporting me on this journey, All the guys in my family, as well as Derek O’Neill, who I have called my teacher for over a decade.

I am grateful for all men who honor themselves, honor women and honor their sacred role in awakening us all to more love, peace, truth, right-conduct and non-violence.

Thanks for tuning in. Join the kickstarter here and bring some really good music into your life

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