Day 1 – I Am Grateful for the Ocean

12 Rebirth, a kickstarter campaign helping to support Alicia Mathewson‘s 5th album and the creation of Queen City Records is officially launched.

To celebrate and hold sacred the next 21 days, I will be posting every day on Facebook and Instagram with something I am grateful for. I will also tell a little bit of the story of how it all came to be.

01 Pic

What a blessed and auspicious day. Today I officially launched my new album 12 Rebirth and Queen City Records. Never before have I felt so clear and supported as I follow my passion and guidance in becoming all that I am. How did I get here? Up and down and up and down and all around. It’s never a straight line. At least not for me.

How do we trust we are going forward even when it feels like we are deep in the mud of our own pain and struggle? Taking time to go inside. Having courage to reach out for support. These have been two of the most important choices I have made in my life to be HERE. NOW.

My path is a path of radical self-love, of allowing myself to know who I truly am and offer that to the world with joy, generosity and trust. This is what makes me feel happy, alive and expansive. Your path may be different, Only YOU truly know your path.

I am just here to remind you it is possible. Those deep longings you feel and messages you receive are real.  Have the courage to be still and drop deep into relationship with your own highest self. Through this relationship, all other relationships come.

When we truly and deeply allow ourselves to be fully known with the knowledge that we are worthy of great love, there is no limit to what we can create.

Thank you for reading these words. Thank you for loving yourself exactly as you are. Thank you for seeing and hearing my vibration. Thank you for being your highest and best self in service of all the other selves. We are truly One, no matter how any moment may feel.

One plus One plus One plus One equals One.

I am grateful for the ocean. I am grateful to be a wave. I am grateful to know it’s all One.

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