2018 – The year of creativity, play, TRUST, and empowerment

IMG_9398A year ago, I was marching on Washington with one million other humans.

What a year it has been. For more on that check out my blog over at AliciaMathewson.com.

For today, though I want to invite you to BE CREATIVE. What does that mean?

First, you must be still, you must quiet your system.

This could include connecting with nature, sitting in meditation, or taking a nap. It doesn’t matter how you still yourself, it matters that you do.

From this stillness, listen deeply.

now, here is the hardest part: TRUST WHAT YOU HEAR and ACT on it with LOVE.

Trust, Trust, Trust.


This is my ongoing practice.

The Rising Star Energy Healing System that I practice and teach has a mantra: “Trust in Trust, Faith in Faith” I am so grateful for this energy in my life and I encourage you to consider a session with me if you want to step into more TRUST of your own voice and EMPOWERED loving action.

I also encourage to come see Derek O’Neill in person in NYC (March3-4) or LA (March10-11). It will be the best investment you make all year. REGISTER.

paths of c workshop

May all you are awaken in an instant with grace and ease!

love love love


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