Happy Full Moon in December – Be The Light

fron cover be the lightAnother December and I’m coming home

But not like I’ve ever done before

I can’t help but remember how you had me roam

So I could be here now for what’s in store

And I’m gonna Be The Light

I always dreamed I be

Be The light for all to see

Happy Full Moon in December. What a year it has been. So much expansion, so much awakening, so much healing for us as individuals and as the collective. For those of you who have been through expansion and healing before, you know it’s not always so pretty, and yet, it is so rich with truth and empowerment and a sense of newness, no matter how sticky it gets, it’s always worth it.

That is where we are right now as a country and as a planet. Trust in Trust. These are the times we were made for.

It was a year ago that I released Be The Light with 4 songs and 7 live chanting tracks. I encourage you to download and listen if you haven’t.  Chant along in your car or your home and with a group. Chanting helps move energy in the body and soften and heal the heart and soul. Much change is coming for me and Sounding Still Wellness in 2018, so stay tuned for more announcements. In the meantime,  Feel free to download and buy some CD’s. They make great gifts! You can also purchase a GIFT CERTIFICATE for music lessons and/or energy healing by contacting me directly,

I am so grateful for each and everyone of you and look forward to all the love, truth, peace, right-conduct, and non-violence that we are co-creating together

love love love


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