Join us for Meditation tonight 7:30

Well, It’s almost the end of January, the full moon happened, as did some fun snow.

Looking to connect and feel motivated to follow-through on all your new year resolutions? Join us tonight for Meditation & Chanting in Barnstable Village at 7:30

Alicia Namaste DREAM PYCC

Are you experiencing a life change or loss? Noticing certain patterns that keep returning?  Why not consider a Rising Star Healing Session? It’s an opportunity to connect to your highest self and allow your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental bodies to align and heal. Here is what Some people say about it:

“I began receiving the Rising Star Energy Healing Sessions during the midst of very difficult time period in my life. I wasn’t sure what to expect, because I had never done anything like this before. But, over time, in between each of the sessions, some things became very, very clear to me. The sessions helped me tap into my inner strengths (that I wasn’t aware even existed) in order to help me make a very, very difficult, life changing decision. I fully expect to sign up for another series, to help me with the next phase of my life. Thank you, Alicia, for opening my mind to what is possible.” – Diane R, Cape CodIMG_6886

“Working in a healing capacity with Alicia is being bathed in a Light so powerful, so loving, and so refreshing.  She has an incredible capacity to share her own connection to the balancing energies in life, and this is what makes her an exceptional vessel for service.  Whether in person or through the ethers, using sound and music, Alicia is here to serve everyone’s growth with the highest intention. I had an incredible long distance session with Alicia that reopened my channels and reset my path when I was feeling a bit stuck. Alicia’s the real deal. A practitioner, a student, a teacher, and a healer.” – Julie Dohrman, NYC




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