Happy New Moon and 11/11

IMG_0754On 11/11 in 2009 I was in Egypt and had the incredible opportunity to tone in the pyramids at 4:30am before the sun rose and the consolation Orion was located directly above the pyramids. It was a life-changing event and helped me feel first-hand how powerful our vocal vibration as humans is.

2 years late in 2011 I founded Sounding Still Wellness with this belief that music is transformative. It connects, inspires, heals, and awakens us to all that we can be and know.

I am excited tonight to be sharing my new album WISE INNOCENCE live at a house concert to help me celebrate that experience back in 2009. I am also grateful for the many other people on this planet who are stepping up and out into a life of service and awakening. Last week I got my haircut from a good friend Kate Scott and today she blogged about it. There is nothing better than hearing your own words come back to you, showing you YES, you are on the right path. keep going.

May your path be filled with song and lead you into a life of meaning, peace, and service.

love love love


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