Happy Full Moon – Help me Kickstart my new album

IMG_6132The abundance continues! Did you hear? I am making a NEW, amazing album – Wise Innocence – that I cannot wait to share with you … but I need your help by May 18! All aspects of the album, from recording and production to CD pressing and marketing is being funded by generous donors like YOU via my Kickstarter page. We are now at 50 backers and almost $4,500! I am so grateful.

Today marks a full moon and the mid-point of the campaign. Can you help us raise $1,500 by Monday, May 4 at midnight? I know we can do it. If you encourage 5 friends to pre-order the CD for $25 you will get us there easily. GO NOW to donate and to share via email or social networks.

I have just spent two more full days in the studio with industry-leading producer Jon Evans and I can tell you these tracks are so filled with love, inspiration and powerful healing vibrations. Wise Innocence is most definitely the best recording I’ve ever made. Watch some fun behind the scenes videos! 

I wanted to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to all those that I just shared this amazing weekend with as a part of Love Yoga Fest‘s Release + Renew retreat. I have been blessed to hear the wisdom from other presenters Sara DivelloAmy ScherAmy Leydon, & HANNAH (sweet sweet sounds) & Diane Kovanda. THANK YOU for chanting and dancing with me – especially to OM GAM GANAPATAYE NAMAHA. So fun!

There are only 9 tickets left for the Cape COD VIP show on June 13, so GO NOW to the Kickstarter official page and don’t miss out on any of the fun.  THANK YOU. JAI JAI MA!
Support Alicia Today!

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