2019 – the year of Abundance and Flow

Happy Happy 2019 to all! This time last year, I was talking about how much Sounding Still Wellness was going to change. Little did I know…….

Photo by Lisa Hildebrandt

Change came, but not necessarily in the ways I had imagined, nor as quickly as I would have liked. I, Alicia Mathewson, went through extraordinary transformation as a human over 2018 (also known as many highs and many lows.)

I allowed more of my Infinite Soul to be fully embodied here and now, creating a much more present and aligned Alicia.

(What am I talking about? Check out the space of Vivienne Gerard)

So what does this mean in a practical way?IMG_1132.jpeg

New Offerings

New Music

New World Tour

New Branding

New Kickstarter Campaign Launching on Feb. 4.

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It is going to be an extraordinary year and I am so grateful to share it with YOU.

love love love, Alicia